Department Store Delirium

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To celebrate the launch of ASTOR PLACE VINTAGE, I’m posting this photograph of opening day outside the Siegel-Cooper department store, which happens to be the store that’s central to the story in my novel. This was 1896, when the El train ran down Sixth Avenue.

In front of Siegel-Cooper department store on opening day 1896

Crowds rushing to buy a copy of ASTOR PLACE VINTAGE

This photograph from 1897 is inside Siegel-Cooper in the grocery department.

Excuse me, I was next!

Excuse me, I was next!

These days it’s hard to imagine what a happening place department stores were at the turn of the 20th Century. My guest post on Drey’s Library talks about how different they were back then. And she also shares her thoughts on ASTOR PLACE VINTAGE.