Vintage Greeting Cards For Everyone Down with the Flu

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Since my husband and half my friends seem to be suffering with the flu during this lovely weather, I thought I’d present some vintage get well cards from my collection.

Perhaps, if you’re among the sick people, these will help you feel just a little bit better. Or perhaps the way they’re so precious, sweet, and downright sappy will make A?feel sick to your stomach. Well, I think they’re cute, but consider yourself warned.


“To cheer you… I’m thinking of wonderful days ahead, when you are up, and out of bed. Having you happy and well once more is one of the nicest pleasures in store. And the best part of all will be, for me, the pleasure of your company!”



“Make it nappy— and get well soon!”



“For your recovery… A message of cheer filled with wishes galore, to get you up and well, and feeling fine once more.”



“Get out of that sick room, you’ve been hibernating there much too long… Take the air! Hurry! And get well!”


“Hope you’ll soon be well. Roses bright and colorful to chase those ills away; To bring you health and strength again — the kind that comes to stay.”



“Can-can-you-you p-please g-get well s-soon”

(If, on some level, you don’t think this is cute, then you must have a heart of stone!)