Junktique Search: Meredith, New Hampshire Part 2

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After leaving Etcetera Consignment Shop (Part 1 if you missed it!) I walked down Route 25 into town and came upon Antiques at Meredith Bay. I walked in and checked it out.

This store has a good selection of collectibles and antiques, though no vintage clothing is to be found. The stock is from different dealers and prices are reasonable. At least, I didn’t get the feeling that everything would’ve been less on eBay. There wasn’t the high volume of stuff like at Etcetera, but it was necessary to take a few trips up and down the aisles to take it all in.


I ended up buying a set of three cake pans for making a tiered cake. The set was complete and in its original box. Wouldn’t it be cool if I made a three-tiered cake for someone’s birthday?

Okay, I admit… maybe I was more attracted to the box than what was inside, but I might actually try making the cake someday.







Plus I couldn’t resist a box of assorted vintage greeting cards. The only downside to them is now I’m torn over whether I could ever actually bear to use them.



I left the store and wandered up Main Street thinking I’m might stop to get a bite to eat and go appreciate the lake when another store beckoned. My stomach and the lake would have to wait. I entered Once New Vintage Wares and Salvage.


The shop was in a small old house. I walked through the maze of little rooms and creaky halls crammed full of ephemera, books, lots of carefully packaged buttons, jewelry, and lots of tools. (This appeared to be a husband/wife operation.)

I’m normally a sucker for vintage buttons and would’ve taken a closer look but it felt like close quarters in there, the rooms were hot, and I really did need something to eat. Plus it would be a pity not to enjoy a bit of sun by the lake. Knowing I hadn’t really done the store justice, I made my exit and was looking around for a coffee shop when I noticed an antique store across the street.

The day was slipping away — almost 4:00 already. Should I go look? Stop to eat? Get some sun?

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