LA FROCK STARS: Ten important “take-aways” from THE WAY WE WORE Reality Show

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The-Way-We-Wore-Gucci-DressLast night I saw the first episode of LA Frock Stars, reality show about a vintage clothing store on the Smithsonian Channel. Here are ten important “take-aways.”

1. I don’t get the Smithsonian Channel.

2. It costs an extra $9.00 a month on Time Warner as a premium channel, but you need HDTV, and I don’t have HDTV, so that wasn’t an option.

3. You can go onto iTunes and download episodes for free.

4. Fashion is fleeting but vintage clothing is forever. (yes!)

5. I can be perfectly content watching other people touch, search for, examine, and try on vintage clothing.

6. “Vintage” is defined as being at least one generation old. (I’m not actually sure how you tabulate that.)

7. A “petersham” — in case you heard shop owner Doris Raymond use that word — is a flexible corded ribbon used by milliners and tailors. (I looked it up.)

8. It’s important to get past that first wave of desire for a Chanel or Poiret before deciding whether you think it will sell in your store, especially if someone went and replaced snaps for zippers.

9. I really want to spend a day (at the very least) in the designer “Inspiration” room next door to the THE WAY WE WORE. It looks like a vintage, sewing-supply storage room for all the sellers on Etsy.

10. Dita Von Teese likes wearing clothes that used to belong to someone else because “there’s a story behind it,” so perhaps she might like to read my novel, which begins with a diary that was hidden inside a fur muff.fur-muff-century-magazine-cropped