Search for Junktique: Meredith, New Hampshire Part 3

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Even though my stomach was growling for lunch, and my super-ego told me to go down to the lake and sit in the sun and appreciate “nature,” I couldn’t resist going to look at the window display of Waukewan Antiques.

A kind of depressing carnival game “clown head” didn’t entice me. And the other items made me think this store might be too pricey.









Nevertheless, I could eat later and the lake wasn’t going anywhere and the sun would be out again tomorrow, but I’d never have another chance to see what was inside… so in I went.

Waukewan Antiques turned out to have its fair share of junktique. As a matter of fact, some of the shelves had piles of dusty merchandise that required some digging. I was so busy excavating I didn’t notice the owner was busy closing up. When he turned out a light and flipped the closed sign around on the front door, I got the message and realized he was looking forward to going home.






I abandoned my search and went to pay for my big find — an old sewing tin. It’s kind of cool because it has a pin cushion on top. I knew it was stashed with sewing supplies and that would be fun to sort through later.







Finally, I went to find food and ended up in an Italian Restaurant across the street. My eggplant parmigiana sandwich turned out to be so big I could easily save half for my husband to eat later. (He did.)

All in all it was a very pleasant way to spend the day. Still, on my next trip to Meredith, New Hampshire I really should try to spend some time at the lake. Evidently it looks something like this: