Thaddeus Was Here

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These photogaphs were taken by Thaddeus Wilkerson (1872-1943). He took hundreds of photographs of New York City — both well-known sights and the many new residential buildings, especially around the Upper West Side. His studio was in Washington Heights, so that was his own neighborhood. Lots of these images were used for postcards, and he was quite focused on recording the buildings, but I particularly like the photos that happened to capture the people who happened to be on the scene.

141st Street Looking East from Amsterdam Avenue, ca 1905. Note the woman tilting the baby carriage up the curb, a time-honored city skill. Also, the olive oil for sale on the corner.

137th Street Looking West from Broadway, ca 1905.

The Winthrop Hotel, corner of 125th Street and Seventh Avenue, ca 1906. Pre-air-conditioning, they put those awnings over the windows to keep out the sun. I think we should go back to using them — along with air-conditioners, of course.

Broadway and 94th Street circa 1910

West End Avenue Looking South from 87th Street, ca 1910

(the late) Pennsylvania Station 1910

Times Square 1915

Riverside Park looking north from 116th Street, ca 1910

Riverside Park looking north from 93rd Street, ca 1915

Riverside Drive looking north from 14th Street, ca 1915

All of these photos are from the Collections of the Museum of the City of New York