Woolworth’s Condominium or Condomania?

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I was interested to see they’re going to be selling condominiums on the top floors of the Woolworth Building because that chain of five and ten cent stores figures into my novel. Olive, my main character who lives in 1907,  grew up around the Woolworth’s her father managed, but she didn’t think much of Frank Woolworth. This is a quote from the novel:

“Father’s attitude was not unlike his employer’s, Frank Woolworth, who believed the proper place for women was in the home. This was despite the fact that he employed hundreds of counter girls. To carry out his philosophy, he never promoted his female workers, and paid a low fixed wage. This was supposedly for their benefit, so the job would only be seen as a temporary condition before marriage. This stance certainly benefited Mr. Woolworth seeing as lots of the counter girls stayed in their positions for years without a raise.”

The Woolworth Building was the tallest building in the world when it was finished in 1913. The construction cost was $13.5 million and Frank Woolworth paid for it in cash.

Other interesting National Historic Landmarks in New York City for condominium units would be R.H. Macy’s (conveniently has a furniture department), The American Stock Exchange, Carnegie Hall, Central Park (by the lake!), the Flatiron, Grace Church, the Holland Tunnel, and of course The Empire State Building. The Dakota and the Plaza are both landmarks and already have condominiums.

I think if I had my choice of New York City landmarks it would be the Statue of Liberty. It would be a problem getting deliveries, but worth the view, right?!